The EnergieSprong method

Created in the Netherlands, EnergieSprong program is also used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and France, and has gained real momentum since the end of Covid.

After an extremely violent health crisis, the world is now going through a powerful energy crisis. And housing is an effective vector for action to limit energy consumption. Buildings are often old and very energy-intensive, and several countries have decided to encourage the renovation of buildings and homes, democratizing the EnergieSprong program.

This system uses an industrialized renovation method to produce a “zero-energy” home. The aim is to mobilize energy savings and the resale of renewable energies produced by the new buildings to reduce the cost of renovation. The advanced industrialization of prefabrication and the use of digital technology also contribute to lower costs. So, without the need for public subsidies, you can hope to reduce the cost of renovation work by 50%. And this policy should guarantee zero energy consumption over 30 years.

The principle behind EnergieStrong is to move from tailor-made solutions to industrial production, thereby generating substantial economies of scale.

This is a useful and effective initiative, suited to our times and which should be given greater prominence. This system could then be adapted to single-family homes or other types of housing.

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