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Alexei Smirnov


Alexei Smirnov stands out as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader, with international experience that showcases his operational excellence across various sectors. His Russian French dual nationality and fluency in four languages enhance his ability in navigating multicultural environments.

His diverse career path has refined his skill in guiding technical and production teams, facilitating a seamless shift from the realms of construction and real estate development to overseeing projects in renovations and sales. Prior to assuming leadership of La Royale Properties Investments as CEO, he demonstrated his skills as the technical director at AS Balticovo and as the production director at SIA GreenSpace.

Alexei’s resilience against stress and crises, combined with his perseverance and adaptability, make him an indispensable asset in his current role. His passion for skydiving, where he excels as an international tandem jump instructor, further enriches his distinguished profile. Armed with a strong academic background in accounting and financial management, and significant experience in the Défense industry, Alexei provides strategic insight and project management proficiency essential for anticipating market trends and boosting organizational efficiency.

As CEO of La Royale Properties Investments, Alexei serves as a driving force for innovation and sustainable growth, leveraging his outstanding technical expertise and business savvy. His strategic vision, paired with a pragmatic, problem-solving approach, allows him to identify growth opportunities and ensure the company's success in an ever-evolving market environment.

His leadership inspires excellence, drives innovation, and positions La Royale Properties Investments as a pivotal figure in the real estate sector.

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Joan-Roger Beaufort


Founder and Chairman of La Royale Investments Group, Joan Beaufort is a French entrepreneur born in Alsace in 1988. He is also the founder of JRB Capital Overseas, a holding company based in Singapore. A technology enthusiast, he has founded several companies in the financial IT systems, marketing, connected real estate, payment, and gaming sectors.

The Lancaster Investments holding company, renamed La Royale Investments in 2023, operates in three sectors: gaming with La Royale Gaming Investment, fintech with La Royale Fintech Investments and real estate with La Royale Properties Investments.

Joan Beaufort’s ambition is to share his expertise in digital transformation and innovation, and to develop inventive, disruptive, and secure projects in strategic sectors.

La Royale Properties Investments embodies Joan Beaufort’s ambition to transform urban space with secure, connected and environmentally friendly properties. Passionate about architecture and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it was essential for Joan Beaufort to think about the implementation of intelligent construction and responsible connectivity to simplify users’ daily lives.

With 15 years’ experience abroad and a keen understanding of international digital issues, Joan Beaufort describes himself as a true “web nomad”. Moreover, he invests in his hometown of Molsheim (Bas-Rhin, France), where he rehabilitates buildings and creates local businesses.

Joan Beaufort is a graduate of Oxford University (UK) and holds an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia).

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