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With an estimate of $225 billion by 2026, the connected building market, or smart building, is booming. The building sector is not immune to the upheavals caused by the Internet of Things. Smart buildings, home automation and artificial intelligence are gradually revolutionizing the construction industry. Buildings are becoming service platforms for the benefit of both users and operators.

The connected building or intelligent building is composed of multiple integrated sensors to collect and analyze data in order to improve the comfort of the inhabitants. Maintenance operations are also facilitated. This connected architecture, thanks to artificial intelligence, not only allows data to be communicated within the building, but also facilitates communication with external applications.

An intelligent building allows to monitor, control and modify in real time the technical equipment. For example, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automatic watering, lighting, opening of doors and shutters, security, etc.

It is therefore concerned with optimizing the use of resources to reduce pollution and ensure the safety of users.

Joan Roger Beaufort is a multi-talented French entrepreneur. After graduating from high school, he started studying at Epitech Strasbourg but by the end of the first year he decided to quit and focus on launching his own company, Rainmaker, which became a worldwide reference in affiliate marketing.

More recently he graduated from Oxford University's FinTech program to deepen his knowledge and acquire the necessary skills in the sector.
He created his own investment fund in fintech and his ultra-secure and innovative EMI. He is also currently investing as a business angel in multiple startups related to AI.

By creating La Royale Properties Investments, he wanted to combine his expertise in the digital and innovation sectors with his particular interest in real estate. Passionate about architecture and AI, Joan's ambition is to make La Royale Properties Investments one of the European leaders in smart construction.

"Passionate about architecture and AI, I offer my skills to contribute to the intelligent and responsible construction industry. It is truly remarkable to witness how much our lives can be simplified and enhanced through connectivity."